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Naturally Candid – spontaneous, modern, candid style without the heavy posing

Kind-hearted Soul – friendly and feel-good environment to relax and shine

Forever Memories – high-quality, elegant, vibrant images to be proud of

Effortless Experience – pleasant and joyful photography experience

Cosplay photoshoot in Delray Beach, FL.

- a customized experience

Every portrait session starts with a thorough discussion regarding the details of your photoshoot. This includes discussing the location, theme, lighting, clothing, and any other relevant aspects.

Taking the time to discuss these details in depth ensures that the photoshoot aligns with your vision and helps create a successful and satisfying outcome.

This way, when the day of your photoshoot comes we are already familiar with each other but I still like to spend a bit more time chatting to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

- an everlasting memory

To start with, we discuss the ideal location, and explore themes and styles that resonate with your family, ensuring a personalized experience.

When the day of your photoshoot arrives we take the time to chat, laugh, and connect, fostering a relaxed environment where the true essence of your family can unfold naturally.

With every click of the shutter, I capture the joy, the laughter, the quiet moments, and the bonds that make your family truly special. These timeless photographs will be treasured for generations, telling the beautiful story of your family’s love and togetherness.

Christmas photoshoot in studio.
Birthday party in Palm Beach, FL.

- a timeless moment

The assignment begins with a comprehensive discussion to understand the unique aspects of your event, such as the event’s theme, key moments, venue layout, and any other important considerations.

When the day of your event arrives, I still like to spend extra time mingling with the attendees, making them feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.

Throughout the event, I focus on documenting the highlights, emotions, and interactions that unfold. From candid shots to group portraits, my aim is to capture the atmosphere, energy, and excitement of the occasion.

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